If you've been inspired by the blog posts and want to start your own amazing year, here's a quick list of what you need to do now.

  1. Understand why you want to change
  2. Become aware about where you're currently at
  3. Set a SMART Goal
  4. Identify who can help or hinder you
  5. Find actions that will encourage them to help, and minimise their ability to hinder
  6. Build new habits to carry out these actions automatically

If your goals are around fitness and weight loss, you should also

If you are committing to having an amazing year (not just a few OK weeks) then I would love to help you. Start the ball rolling by telling me about your plans and I'll be in touch.

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If you don't yet know exactly what it is, that's fine.
When do you want to have achieved it?
When do you want to have achieved it?
Ideally this is a 12 month project.