Welcome to 17 Days of Christmas


If you're reading this first message it's probably because of two things.

First, you know me and you'll therefore know that I've had an AMAZING year when it comes to health. In 2015 I lost 25kg, reduced my body fat to 10% (from 30%) and got stronger than I've ever been. This sounds like one of those marketing emails. I can't quite believe that I'm typing it, either. But the more I've talked to people, the I realise what an achievement this was. I am really humbled to find that I have been inspiring people at work, home and even in the gym.

And that's probably the second reason you're here - you've seen what I've achieved and are interested in finding out what you can achieve for yourself.

My own journey started sitting on a beach on New Year's Day, thinking about life and deciding to do something about my health. Traditionally this is a time of taking stock of things and thinking ahead and yet New Years Resolutions are usually doomed to failure. And I think I now understand why that might be, and how you can set yourself up for success - I guess I'll find out soon enough!

One of my favourite films is Pay It Forward and in the spirit of that, I've decided to share some of the things I learned this year, in the hope that I can help you get through Christmas and ready to make 2016 an amazing year for you too.

I am hopeless at sending Christmas cards, so I hope this goes some way to compensate!

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Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a successful New Year.