One Month Later

January has been a very interesting month!

I've been inspired to see friends, family and colleagues adopt some of the things I shared and begin to start their own amazing year.

The most popular habits include drinking more water, tracking your food (whether using My Fitness Pal or just writing it down) and getting more exercise by slightly changing your routine (e.g. walking some of the journey to work, or walking to the shops instead of jumping in the car) but a number of people embarked on Dry January. All these small changes add up and begin to have a big effect. Several people have already lost their first 5kg or more. And the action they're taking and the result they're getting brings more and more motivation. It really is a virtuous circle. 

Of course, some people started by taking on too much and quickly found themselves feeling somewhat overwhelmed. For them the remedy was simple. Just focus on successfully gaining one new habit. Once you've done that, you can begin to adopt other habits. And guess what? It works. One person who has never managed to stick at anything new for long has now spent a month doing something different. And they're getting results too!

The most important thing to say is this: your amazing year doesn't have to start on January 1st.

Indeed, for many people that's the worst day to start. It can start today. The key thing is to find a goal that will keep you engaged for a year and commit to reaching it. 

I was really humbled to receive feedback from people who read the blog posts over Christmas. Recognising the value of the information (and acknowledging the difficulty in sifting through a series of blog posts), I created an e-book. Much to my delight, despite it being free of charge, some of you bought it. You have no idea how good that feels. Thank you.

If you want to begin your amazing year, why not read the book? It should give you everything you need to get started and you can read on your Kindle, Phone or Tablet.

Finally, please do get in touch and let me know how you're getting on - it's great to read your stories and celebrate your achievements.

A few of you have asked what I'm up to now I've lost all that weight. All will be revealed in the next blog post. Stay tuned!