Get Started on your Amazing Year

If you have your ‘why’, your goal(s), know how to form habits and take action, how you might be helped or hindered by yourself or others, and have a strategy for managing that, and know how to eat and exercise you have EVERYTHING you need to begin reach your goal. Now.

Yes, it’s probably going to be very hard work.

Yes, you will suffer setbacks.

Yes, you may have to change your goals or timescales.

But if you commit to taking regular action, maintaining an honest feedback loop and being accountable to yourself you really can have an amazing year, like I did. 

There's one more question you need to ask yourself. 

What am I prepared to do to reach my goal?

Your answer to this will determine how well you do - be honest with yourself.

Remember - motivation comes from taking action. So get out there and put this knowledge and desire into action today. Do something. Anything. But do it.