Happy New Year!

I hope you had a good NYE (if you’re the NYE type) or that you managed to get an early night (if you’re not).

Either way, welcome to 2016.

As well as looking forward, it’s a great time to look back.

Sitting on the beach on Jan 1st 2015:

  • I had very low self-esteem about my body. Now I feel great about my body.
  • I wore 36” waist jeans. Now I wear a 27” waist.
  • I had man boobs. Now I have pecs.
  • I had an obese level of body fat. Now I have the body fat of an athlete.
  • I hadn’t ever seen my six pack. Not even as a kid. Now I can see it.
  • I weighed 95kg. Now I weigh 68.6kg.
  • I couldn’t easily lift a 20kg Olympic bar. Now I can lift 110kg off the floor.
  • My average resting heart rate first thing in the morning was 98. Now it’s 64.
  • I had really bad shoulder mobility. Now I can move my shoulders freely, I don’t feel shoulder pain and I have much better awareness of my posture.
  • I had really bad ankle mobility. Now I don’t.
  • I had a persistent cough which was thought to be weight related. Now I don’t, and this has had such an impact on my life.
  • I couldn’t sing long phrases without grabbing a breath. Now I can.
  • I couldn’t do a pull-up. Now I can do several in a row, several times.
  • I rarely slept very well, and snored heavily. Now I sleep well and I’m told I don’t snore much at all.
  • I was feeling pretty old and worn-out. Now I’m in the best shape of my life.
  • And I feel great.

And as much as these things are remarkable, I'm not sharing this to brag. I'm hoping that the things that were true for me in January 2015 might be things that you can relate to, and that by showing what I achieved, I can inspire you to take action to achieve it too.


The really incredible thing is that I had no idea if I could do it. And I wasn’t expecting to finish the year writing this series of posts, paying it forward by sharing what I learned, fuelled by the realisation that you never know who you're inspiring.

So there’s just one thing for you think about today:

What do you want your list of achievements to look like in a year’s time? If you’ve not yet committed to your goals, and made an action list, now is the time to sort it out. Write them down, put them somewhere prominent and be prepared to do whatever it takes to make 2016 an amazing year for you.