New Year's Eve

I was never one for New Year’s Eve parties, telling myself I'd prefer to stay at home so I could start the New Year with a clear head. That said, last year I was lucky enough to be away on holiday so it would have been silly to stay in the hotel room. 

Watching the fireworks, and seeing my face in the obligatory selfie postcard that I sent to friends and family, I knew that I needed to do something about my weight and fitness. 

Massive change was needed.  I didn't know how exactly how long it would take but knew that it would be at least a year. The more I delayed, the lower the chances of my success. And there would come a time when it simply wasn't possible to change - a point of no return.

So I ought to get on with sorting it out. Urgently.

I’m hoping that all the posts so far have helped you identify the thing you want to change, and get a good idea about how you might actually achieve it.

What’s going to propel you into action?

Enjoy your New Year's Eve.

If you want it, your amazing year starts tomorrow.