Postscript: An Amazing Year has now become a "thing"

My original intent was to write a series of emails to send to my friends and family over Christmas. sharing the stuff I learned during my amazing year.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I built a website. And that enabled people from further afield to see the blog posts and give me feedback. It turns out that my story is one that resonates with a lot of you. Maybe it's because I'm just an ordinary guy who kept plugging away at a goal for a year. Maybe it's because many of you have tried to do this and not got so far.

People are now asking how I can help them have an amazing year.

You have no idea how humbling that is. And exciting!

As it happens, I have quite a lot of skills around coaching, so after a day of brainstorming yesterday, I've decided to see how I can use these skills to help as many people as possible. So you can bet I'll be following the process I outlined for setting goals and turning them into actions.

As I said before, you never know who you're inspiring. And now you are all inspiring me in return.

Isn't that amazing?

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