Those of you that know me, will know that I’ve been known to enjoy a drink or two. During the 3 month transformation programme I mentioned yesterday one of the ground rules was ‘no drinking’. Fortunately, a new book - “This Naked Mind” had just been published so I thought I’d give it a read. I got through it in just a few sittings and it did open my eyes to a number of things. Helped by the book I managed to keep the pledge for the full 12 weeks, despite some strong temptation, including a family wedding, a family big birthday and the office Christmas party. I found it quite easy to say ‘oh, I’m not drinking until mid December’ and that was that.

After the transformation programme was over, I had a celebratory drink. And the roughest night’s sleep for 3 months. At that point I realised that it’s very easy to become acclimatised to the effects of alcohol. The other thing I noticed is that by not having a drink I can get so much more done.

If you’re interested in experiencing a period of time without alcohol, then you could consider taking part in the Cancer Research Dryathlon and abstaining for January.

If you want to continue drinking there are some informed choices you could make. As well as calories from alcohol (7kcal per gram), there are also the calories from carbs/sugar. Spirits with slimline mixers will contain fewer calories than, for example, a glass of wine or a pint of beer. And you’ll still get the effect of the booze.

If nothing else, you could try spacing out drinks with water or diet soft drinks, making a rule about not drinking on consecutive days etc.

As a postscript, I had a few drinks on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but didn’t really enjoy the feeling afterwards, and once again had a lousy sleep. I’d have never thought I'd be writing that, until I spent 3 months sober. In the spirit of ‘trying stuff to see what works for you’, why not explore your options around drinking? If nothing else, it’ll help you achieve your goal and possibly save you a fortune.