Boxing Day


If there is one day of the year I associate with going for a walk, it’s Boxing Day. After the feasting of Christmas, it seems only natural (and desirable) to get some fresh air and a little exercise.

It's amazing how such a simple act can make such a difference to how the day unfolds. As well as the exercise benefit, the other thing I find is that the very act of walking seems to calm my mind, clarify my thinking, and put me in the zone to have my best ideas. 

Realising this, one of the small habits I chose to implement during this amazing year was to walk at least 10,000 steps everyday.

Living in London my easy way to achieve this was to get off the tube one or two stops early. This year it was somewhat forced upon me because the tube station next to my office was closed from January to mid December. But now the station has re-opened I still find myself using the previous station and walking just that little bit further. 

 It's a good example of how you can develop an ingrained habit and stick to it. Along with drinking more water, this is the type of habit that you miss when you don't do it.

In the coming days I'm going to share everything I learned about exercise and nutrition and will then link this to your goals in the final few days. 

So go for a walk, keep thinking about your goals (and all the ways that others can help or hinder you) and keep an eye out for the emails to come.