Who can help you achieve your goal?

Having begun to set a goal, let’s now consider how you might go about achieving it. The first step is to identify who can help you get there. It’s quite a simple process that acknowledges that whilst you might be responsible for making the change in your life, you can rarely do it in isolation. Some people and organisations will be able to help you, and some can hinder your progress, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Step 1. Make a list of people and organisations who can help or hinder you

The first name should be you. Then consider named family members, friends, colleagues, community group members, professionals etc.

As an example

To reach my goal of <x> by <date>, the following people can help or hinder me

  • Me
  • Mum
  • Friend Alice
  • A Personal Trainer
  • Colleague Bob

Step 2. For each of these people or organisations make a list of HOW they can help or hinder you. 

Try to list things they would naturally do, not things you’d like them to change on your behalf.

As an example, thinking about a weight loss or fitness goal:

To reach my goal of <x> by <date>, the following people can help or hinder me in these ways


  • help: improve my diet
  • help: begin to exercise
  • hinder: give myself excuses
  • hinder: not be honest with myself


  • help: cheer me on
  • hinder: not understand my goal, be worried about me
  • hinder: expect me to eat a big roast dinner every week

Friend Alice

  • help: come to the gym with me three times per week
  • hinder: tempt me with our weekly curry night
  • hinder: try and sabotage my success

Colleague Bob

  • help: sponsor me
  • hinder: take me to the pub

Personal Trainer

  • help: teach me how to exercise safely and efficiently
  • hinder: not teach me to be independent

Get the idea?

You should find this exercise takes about 30 minutes but take as long as you need. 

After Christmas, we'll work on this list to understand how we can identify the actions that you'll need to take to reach your goal.

Over the next few days, continue to clarify your goal and expand this list. Just keep chipping away at it.

Meanwhile, continue with your tracking and other new habits, and let me know what you're working on.

Until next time, take care,