Becoming aware of where you're at

Hello again.

Recapping the story so far: understand why you want to change and begin to learn how to take small steps and build habits.

The chances are that you didn't get to your current situation in just a few weeks. My weight increased and my mobility decreased over many years. I was busy doing other things in life.

It's time to become aware of where you're at. This will help you set an achievable goal in the coming days. Would you rather do this now? Or bleary-eyed on New Year's Day?

If you're thinking about changing your weight then jump on the scales. Also measure your chest, waist, hips and neck. Take some photos (and keep them safe).

If you're thinking about becoming fitter, try to get a sense of how fit you are at the moment. For example, can you walk up two flights of stairs without getting out of breath?

This series of emails is about weight and fitness, but the principles apply to most changes. If you want to become better with money, for example, then get clarity about your finances. How much are you saving each month? How much are you borrowing right now? Are you living hand to mouth?

Then begin to track the things you're doing in relation to that change. 

For example, what are you eating? What are you drinking?  What foods do you enjoy? What foods can't you resist? How do you feel after eating? Keep a food diary.

How often are you taking the staircase instead of the lift? Keep a note of this.

What are you spending your money on? Look at your bank statements or receipts instead of filing them away or shredding them.

Just observe. Don't judge.

Begin to build some new habits to become and remain aware. 

I found MyFitnessPal to be invaluable during my amazing year. I made it a rule to track everything I ate BEFORE I ate it. I discovered something magical. The act of tracking began to influence my behaviour without any drama or guilt.

You don't need to use an app. A notebook would be fine. But commit to building that state of awareness and see what happens for you.

Start today and keep going over Christmas.

Until tomorrow, take care.