It all begins with "Why"

I'm really heartened to see so many of you sign up for this newsletter already - thank you for encouraging me to share what I've learned on my amazing year.

The first thing I discovered is that all successful change begins with a clear understanding of 'why?'

If you don't have a good reason to make a change, the chances are that you won't. For me, it was mostly health-related, but I also wanted to improve my singing. For you it might be something different. 

It's natural to initially think in terms of what you don't want - "I don't want to be fat any more", "I don't want to be out of breath" etc. Whilst that might be the initial source of inspiration, focussing on it may hold you back, because you have to continue think about the thing that you don't want.

But the magic happens when you think about what you do want - "I want to feel good in my clothes". "I want to be able to play with my kids or grandchildren". And then you can ask yourself what's important about that (go on, I dare you).

It's likely that any kind of change you're thinking of making is going to take more than a few days and it will sometimes be hard going. Having a very clear vision of why the change you're making is important to you will make all the difference between success and failure. 

So why not take a few minutes today and really explore why you want to begin to change.

Until next time, take care,